A creative culinary program that is changing

a neighborhood one plate at a time.

Our Mission

Blank Plate is a creative culinary program that use the power of design and hands-on activities to inspire teens who live in environments challenged with food justice. We aim to  transform their relationship to food and encourage them to make new connections with their communities. The program coordinates with several other food and education initiatives with the goal of cultivating a food-centric community. 

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Our Team

We are designers, artists, culinary experts, educators, civic activists and teen leaders engaging in our own kitchens to imagine alternative futures and improving the quality of life with communities dealing with food justice. We partner with community organizations to create a positive narrative of healthy food access and equity within the local food system and place it directly into the hands of the communities.


Our Program

By learning through design sensibility, applied personal experiences, and industry-relevant culinary skills, students develop the creative capital and confidence, neighborhood stewardship, and food justice advocacy skills necessary for their own success and for the future of their community.

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