We are designers, artists, culinary experts, educators, civic activists and teen leaders engaging in our own kitchens to imagine alternative futures and improving the quality of life with communities dealing with food justice.

Amy Findeiss

Co-founder. Amy uses storytelling games and experimental illustration activities as imagination training to engage the kitchen team in creative processes that use written cues and visual methods to improve collaboration.


Kelston Bascom

Culinary Expert. Chefs like Kelston Bascom brings a rich tradition of hospitality from his roots in Trinidad and Tobago to his warm teaching style. He integrates the foundation of culinary practice by integrating and co-teaches with teaching artists.

Mai Kobori

Co-founder. Mai’s interests lie in creating better experiences, services, and places through participatory engagements. She explores the realm of eating design not as an artifact but as a process and experience that weaves our social fabric together.


Alejandra Delfin

Teaching Artist. She is an established and respected community leader, with a strong creative background. Alejandra is an artist and communication designer that influences the creative approach of the program.


Eulani Labay

Co-founder. Eulani addresses complex social issues like food justice through moments of cooperation and play. An understanding of media and cities inspires her to design sensory experiences that can create transformative shifts in awareness.


Dawn Ortiz

Teen Chef Leader / Teaching Assistant. Our oldest participant. She has continued to pursue her interest in cooking by continuing her education in the culinary arts and is now the Teaching Artist for Blank Plate @ The Point. Facilitates the workshops, leading activities, and suggests new ideas.



Teen Chefs

The most important piece of the puzzle! We have a team of teens who are passionate about issues that shape their neighborhood, especially food. Our teens direct the experience of the program by bringing their rich culinary family histories to the table. Every class is different as it draws directly from the participants interests and experience.