Season Two 2013: Blank Plate Class One: Introduction

Blank Plate is officially in full swing with season two. Our first class last night was hella successful (with 8 students) and really fun! We spent time getting to know one another, talking about our cooking interests (and non-interests!), and sharing our instincts about what the term "Blank Plate" means to us. We screen printed our own aprons using the Blank Plate logo. They turned out looking super cool! Our friend Francis, from Corbin Hill Farm stopped by to chat with us about the importance of local food, the food revolution, and why good food matters to not only our bodies, but the larger system as a whole. We talked about GMOs, harvest seasons, chemicals and hormones in food... you get the idea! A robust conversation for sure! Lastly, we gathered the food together that Chef Kelston had prepared and served the local neighborhood Hunts Point community for No Beef Thursdays. We are all really looking forward to next week, when we will start taste testing foods we may have never tried, learning the layout of the kitchen, and getting into some knife skills. We have an exciting 9 more weeks ahead of us!


Blank Plate

Design. Cook. Transform. Blank Plate Project is a creative culinary “design/cook” program, begun in Hunts Point, South Bronx that sparks community development through a combination of design-led imaginative activities and chef-led demonstrations for weekly community dinners, or culminating in a community event. By learning through a design sensibility, applied personal experiences, and industry-relevant culinary skills, students develop the creative capital, neighborhood stewardship, and food justice advocacy skills necessary for their own success and for the future of their community. Over the course of each Blank Plate workshop, students learn creative culinary skills and plan a final dinner event of their own imagination. Blank Plate is a different kind of cooking class. Together, we design, cook, and transform.