Blank Plate Trainer's Playbook

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coming soon - summer 2018!

What is it? What’s inside it?

The Blank Plate Trainer’s Playbook is a ready to use resource that incorporates Blank Plate’s curriculum overview through process, lesson plans, instructions, and examples to inspire and guide future Community Teaching Artist / Trainers. The Playbook equips Teaching Artists with various methods and concepts to help launch a Blank Plate Program that makes an impact in their communities that lack access to healthy food. The playbook gathers best practices and lessons we’ve learned from the Hunts Point Program that we launched in 2011.


What is the Trainer’s Playbook Approach?

Blank Plate is founded as a systemic intervention into our food system, to bring access and equity to the people that need and want it most. We translated our methods in human-centered design and design thinking to create a train-the-trainer curriculum for future Blank Plate Teaching Artists.


Why did we create this?

Now, in our sixth year, the Hunts Point pilot has transitioned its leadership within the community, with participation doubled from its first year and consistently at maximum capacity. The program has successfully been operating as a proof of concept and evidence that continues to gained traction from other organizations that are interested in adopting the model.

Blank Plate is at a tipping point where we would like to scale the program.  The Program is poised to expand further to multiple locations. Blank Plate was awarded by Sappi Ideas That Matter to scale the program through the Blank Plate Trainer’s Playbook to city-wide agencies and organizations.


Who are we looking to partner with?

We are passionate about getting this program to various other Community-based Organizations and After School Programs especially those neighborhoods dealing with issues of food justice. 


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